World of Warcraft 3.5 Post MoP Horde Campain

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It’s been almost 2 months sence Kael’Dran came to Orgrimmar to test His mettle in the Ring of Valor.

Before He could do so He had to find 3 tough adventures that could help Him take the prize and honor of a win.

He allied Him self with the Goblin twins Rosa and Tessa Silverspark.

After finding the entry fee was far too much for their coin purses to handle they had to find a sponsor that would foot the bill.

They found a Goblin by the name of Baxet Fizzleblast and all they had to do was help Him, and His gladiatorial slave Murloc Murk kill a Thunder Lizard.

Baxet Fizzleblast pleased with the work and the amount of coin the kill was going to net Him He agreed to pay their entrance fee.

After getting couple easy wins and watching the competition get eaten by a Devilsaur.

The four of them were put in the finals against a group of cheaters that had paid off the judges to look away from their blatant cheating.

After an explosive win and a cask of plague welding sore losing Forsaken the 4 of them took the win.

The party took to adventure together to fatting their coin purse some more.

They got a quest to help put end to the Kodo Caravans raids that we’re happening neer the Crossroads in the Barrens.

There they found a Kodo that was corrupted by Fel magics and put it down before it could cause more harm to the land.

There they found a crazed Quilboar Warlock that was corrupting her tribe to gain demonic power.

After Her death Kael’Dran desided to have Her Fel infused staff sent to Silvermoon to warn them of the demonic influence that had took place there.

After saving and recovering the remaining lost goods Gazlowe leader of Rachet personal came to thank them for saving countless amounts of gold in trade and welcomed them to His home in Rachet to thank them for their help.

There they were given a job offer by Gazlowe to help get revenge of a band of pirates that attacked Ratchet a few days earlier.

They learned the pirates where hold up in a cove to the East but along the way they were ambushed by a school of Murlocs but Murk talks them into letting Him and His freinds go.

But in return the most help rescue their school’s Tidehunter that was kidnapped by the pirates for not siding with them.

Along the way they spotted a ship anchored short ways off shore and Murk decided to investigate.
Onboard the ship was full of pirates doing their daily task but the lookout in the crow’s nest noticed the other on shore and the ship opened fire with thier cannons, unknowingly to them Murk found the ship’s citadel and light a fire and blew ship to splinters.

There where only 3 survivors and 2 of them tried to fight their way to freedom.
The 3rd made a deal if they let Him go and give Him some coin He would tell them where the secret entrance to the cove was.

Inside the hidden cave the group was greeted by a large Crocalisk living in the waters there. Deeper in the cave they found a living quarters with 2 pirates playing card and someone sleeping in the bunk.

Murk sneaks up and expertly puts a crossbow bolt in each who were too drunk to realize what was going on.

Rosa walks up and shots the sleeping pirate in His bunk but to Her horror find its wench slave who was sleeping there.

Dael’Dran calls on the light and is barely able to save Her life.

Inside the cove they find the band of pirates hard at work building a new ship.

They sneak around till they find a prison holding the Murloc Tidehunter and female slave held captive.

They return to the cove freeing the Tidehunter and unable to pick the locks of the slaves cages.

The Tiderhunter leaps into the water after Murk tells Him what he done to the pirate ship they ran across.

A few moments later a large explosion racks the ship being repaired and it sink to the bottom the cove with its men.

After the explosion a Harvester emerges from the far end of the cove.

After the battle a 3rd ship sails up to cove opening and aims its cannons at the party.

The leader of the pirates emerges from His men and challenges the party to a duel.

During the fight the Captain used smoke bombs to stealth and attack from the smoke to confuse His enemy.

The Captain shows off too much and falls from a crane he cut the rope to in order to escape a grenade that was thrown at Him.

Murk sees the opportunity and jumps into the water to fight Him in his home turf.

Sadly for the Captain he was missing and arm and struggled swimming but fought to bitter end knocking out Murk but drowning in the possess.

After dragging Murk from bottom of the cove the Captain ship burst in flames from a fleet of ships opening fire.

Gazloe and His men step forth to claim the victory for them selves.

Gazloe give the group a ride back to Ratchet and offers them gold, or an old Zeppelin He has no use for as a reward.

After thinking on it the group takes the Zeppelin cause it can get them around much faster.

The Goblin twins ask the party to spend a week in Ratchet to make some minor repairs to the newly christened Sparksfly.


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